Azara Blog: Women ought to have control over pills for early medical abortions

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Date published: 2011/01/13

The BBC says:

Women having an early medical abortion should be allowed to take some of their pills at home, a charity says.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) is seeking a change in the law so women can choose where they complete their treatment.

Women currently have to make two visits and are given pills each time.

The Department of Health opposes the change, which would bring England, Scotland and Wales into line with countries including Sweden and France.

Early medical abortions involve taking two sets of pills. These are taken 24 to 48 hours apart in order to induce a miscarriage.

They are available to women seeking abortion in the first nine weeks of pregnancy.

After an initial consultation, women have two appointments with a doctor and both times are given a set of pills.

In some other countries, both sets of pills are handed over at once and women are given instructions about when they should take the second set.

BPAS said giving women both sets of pills at once would mean women could control where the abortion actually takes place, and could be sure that they would not experience cramping and bleeding on the way home from their appointments.
Under the 1967 Abortion Act, treatment has to be given in a hospital or clinic. The charity argues that treatment covers the prescription of the pills - but not necessarily their administration.

If the court agrees, then abortion clinics would be able to give women both sets of pills at once.

The Department of Health is contesting the case, on the grounds that "treatment" covers both prescription and administration of the drugs.
The Conservative MP Nadine Dorries also opposes BPAS's challenge, claiming it would send out a message that you can use abortion as contraception.

The number one rule about life in Britain is that the ruling elite are complete and utter control freaks, who cannot cope with the concept that the "peasants" should be able to make their own decisions. Hopefully BPAS will win the day. It will be interesting to see if the BMA supports BPAS, because doctors are some of the biggest control freaks around.

Of course people like Dorries will oppose this because they oppose abortion, period. But the Department of Health should be putting the interests of patients above the interests of control freaks and anti-abortionists.

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