Azara Blog: Demos wants more hand outs for families with children

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Date published: 2011/01/16

The BBC says:

Inflexible and stressful jobs are leaving parents racked with guilt and increasingly distant from their children, according to a Demos report.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who has promised to do more for hard-pressed working families, will launch the think tank's study on Monday.

It wants the government to do more to encourage flexible working practices.

And it says more action is needed at a community level to give struggling and isolated parents greater support.

Once again some "think tank" wants families without children to subsidise ever more families with children. Of course the clever ploy is to just mention the great benefits that they want for families with children, while ignoring how it is going to be paid for (which of course is mainly by families without children). If Clegg is allegedly interested in the situation of "hard-pressed working families" then he should be looking after the interests of all families (i.e. everyone), not just those who happen to have children.

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