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Date published: 2011/01/16

The BBC says:

Chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said the government was considering offering a fuel discount to people in remote areas.

Mr Alexander, Lib Dem MP for Inverness, told the BBC's Politics Show: "We recognise that this for many families is a serious issue."

But he said a 'fair fuel stabiliser' - lowering duty when pump prices rose - was tricky to implement.
Mr Alexander said the coalition government were also considering the discount scheme to help drivers in remote areas such as the Scottish Highlands, Western Isles, west Wales and parts of England and Northern Ireland.

It is outrageous that Alexander is asking for tax breaks for his constituents (and a few others, often conveniently also Lib Dem constituencies). That is out and out corruption.

Even ignoring this issue of corruption, there is no reason that rural drivers should be given tax breaks. People live in rural areas because they choose to live in rural areas. It is a life style choice. It is claimed by the Lib Dems that rural people have no choice but to drive because there is no public transport. But they do have a choice. They could move to an urban or a suburban area.

Of course rural people already do get subsidised, e.g. with the postal and phone services. But just minutes after the Lib Dems (in particular Chris Huhne) have stuck two fingers up to drivers generally, it is particularly inappropriate that they propose that the rest of the country subsidise rural drivers.

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