Azara Blog: Cambridge City Council wants to throw 200k at trees

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Date published: 2011/01/25

The BBC says:

A city council planning budget cuts is to spend £200,000 planting trees over the next four years.

Liberal Democrat-controlled Cambridge City Council wants to replace all trees on council land cut down last year.

Rod Cantrill, executive councillor for arts and recreation, said trees were important for future residents.

"It's not just about current residents enjoying these trees and open spaces, we are investing for future generations and we need to get it right."

This is unbelievable. The city's Tree Department has spent the last couple of years destroying dozens and dozens of perfectly healthy trees for no good reason, no doubt also at great expense. And Cantrill is happy that as a result of the city's own vandalism, another 200k of taxpayers' money is given to the Tree Department to spend to make up for it. Instead heads should roll. It is especially ridiculous in these times of difficult budgets that the city is willing to spend 200k in this way, and without any regret expressed about the situation, or indication that it will not be allowed to happen again.

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