Azara Blog: UK government wants to allow bankers in without any question but not scientists

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Date published: 2011/02/18

The BBC says:

Non-European Union workers earning more than £150,000 a year are to be excluded from the government's immigration cap.

Scientists will also be given "a significant advantage" in coming to the UK as firms attempt to fill jobs where there are staff shortages.

Immigration minister Damian Green said the UK had to "attract the brightest and the best" to promote recovery.

Intra-company transfers have already been exempted from the cap after pressure from business.

The government has said it wants to cut the overall non-EU immigration limit from about 200,000 to "tens of thousands" by 2015.

This will be split into monthly allocations with a total of 4,200 available for the first month in April, with 1,500 each month after that - a total of 20,700.

Certain types of scientist will also be given priority, following concerns UK-based research would be harmed by the cap.

Mr Green said chemists, biochemists, physicists, geologists and research and development managers will all be among those given an advantage, while high earners would be exempt.

This is pathetic. Rich bankers, who practically destroyed the world economy a few years ago, are going to be welcome with open arms and no questions asked. And yet scientists will only be given some nebulous "advantage" for immigration. And not even all scientists, but only some random subset: chemists, biochemists, physicists and geologists. What about mathematicians, engineers and IT specialists? The government has no clue, it seems, and is keen to commit economic suicide by keeping talented people out of the country. There have already been several instances in Cambridge University where visas have been denied. If rich bankers can be given a free pass, then all STEM-related people should also be given a free pass. They contribute far more to the world than any banker has ever done.

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