Azara Blog: Tories panic over the NHS

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Date published: 2011/04/04

The BBC says:

Andrew Lansley has acknowledged there are "genuine concerns" about the NHS shake-up in England - amid accusations the policy is in "chaos".

The health secretary said ministers were "listening" and would now "pause" to allow further consultation.

Plans which would give GPs control of about 60% of the NHS budget and allow more private firms to provide care have come under cross-party criticism.

Labour's John Healey accused Mr Lansley of "confusion, chaos and incompetence".

The only possible explanation as to why the Tories have suddenly panicked about the NHS must be that the issue is polling very badly for them on the doorsteps for the local election campaign. So their "solution" to this problem is to postpone the issue until after the local election results.

It is quite unbelievable how no minister seems capable of explaining why the government is so keen on complete upheaval in the NHS. Will it constrain costs? Will it really improve patient care? Who knows. Not ministers, it seems.

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