Azara Blog: Richard Branson wants to introduce lemurs to the Caribbean

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Date published: 2011/04/16

The BBC says:

Sir Richard Branson is to import lemurs to the Caribbean, where they will live wild in the forest on his islands.

The project has alarmed conservation scientists, who point out that many previous species introductions have proved disastrous to native wildlife.

But Sir Richard's team maintains that both the lemurs, which will come from zoos, and native animals will be fine.

Introducing species found on one continent into another for conservation purposes is virtually unprecedented.

Yes, introducing species from anywhere to anywhere else is fraught with danger. But the so-called conservation scientists do it all the time. For example, they recently re-introduced beavers into Scotland for no great reason other than that they wanted to. And they have re-introduced various birds as well (e.g. the White Tailed Eagle), again for no great reason other than that they wanted to. And they recently introduced the Wollemi Pine into Britain from Australia with hardly a peep from anyone as to whether this was dangerous or not. So the real problem here is probably not so much that this is yet another introduction but instead that the so-called conservation scientists are middle class control freaks who want to be able to play god themselves but do not want others to be able to play god, especially some rich oik like Richard Branson.

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