Azara Blog: London 2012 Olympic ticket system is a complete fiasco

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Date published: 2011/06/02

The BBC says:

London 2012's director responsible for tickets has rejected complaints that the ballot was unfair and led to unbalanced distribution.

Chris Townsend said that oversubscribed events were balloted for each price category.

In a Daily Telegraph webchat with disappointed sports fans, he also revealed second round tickets would be available for several sports.

Some 1.8 million people applied for the 6.6 million public tickets available.

Mr Townsend said: "The ballot was run on a session basis, a separate ballot was run for each price point that was oversubscribed in the session.

It's hard to believe that any organisation could be so utterly and completely incompetent as the people who were responsible for ticket allocation for the London 2012 Olympics.

For one thing, they did not specify the rules before the lottery. So they did not say ahead of time that there would be a separate ballot for each price point. They did not even say how many tickets would be available at each price point. And they did not indicate what kind of view would be available at the actual venue for any price point. No other organisation would be allowed to get away with this.

But worse, they were totally incapable of telling anyone what tickets they were allocated until weeks after the money for said tickets was charged against the customer's account. In most businesses this would be considered at best ridiculous and at worst fraudulent. The London 2012 bureaucrats do not seem to even understand that there was a problem here. No doubt they will give themselves huge bonuses for achieving such incompetence.

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