Azara Blog: Nature is allegedly worth zillions to the UK

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Date published: 2011/06/02

The BBC says:

The UK's parks, lakes, forests and wildlife are worth billions of pounds to the economy, says a major report.

The health benefits of merely living close to a green space are worth up to £300 per person per year, it concludes.

The National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA) says that for decades, the emphasis has been on producing more food and other goods - but this has harmed other parts of nature that generate hidden wealth.

Ministers who commissioned the NEA will use it to re-shape planning policy.

This is all just par for the course. People who want to stop (other) humans from doing (pretty much) anything come up with an economic analysis which shows that doing (pretty much) anything is harmful. The weird thing here is that the people who wrote this report have only managed to come up with a value of 300 pounds per person per year, which is chicken feed. Surely they could have come up with a much higher number than that (by a factor of at least 100) if only they had tried a bit harder. Nobody is going to lose sleep over 300 pounds per person per year.

The current Tory government of course is run by people who do not really care one way or the other about the alleged value of Nature. But the reason they are on board with this report is that Tories are the propertied class, and the propertied class has a vested financial interest in making sure that no development of any kind is allowed in their backyard. The NEA will just be used to allow an "objective" argument to be made against such development.

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