Azara Blog: The EU ruling elite hate GM crops

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Date published: 2011/07/08

The BBC says:

Euro MPs have voted to give EU member states more flexibility to restrict or ban genetically modified crops on environmental or health grounds.

The draft legislation, still to be discussed by EU governments, would enable countries to go beyond the EU-wide mechanism for regulating GM crops.

Arguments about the safety of GM foods continue in many of the EU's 27 states.

The EU Commission had proposed that the EU should decide on approvals or bans on environmental or health grounds.

Currently a type of maize called MON 810 is the only GM food cultivated commercially in the EU.

But not everywhere - it is banned in six EU states: Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Luxembourg.

A report approved by MEPs on Tuesday says member states "may adopt measures restricting or prohibiting the cultivation of all or particular GMOs [genetically modified organisms], in all or part of their territory, on the basis of grounds relating to the public interest.

"Those measures may be based on grounds relating to environmental or other legitimate factors such as socio-economic impacts."

It is fairly arbitrary which bits of law should be decided at EU level and which at national level. So sure, why not allow EU member states to have more restrictive rules for GM crops. But why this one way street? Why not also allow EU member states to have less restrictive rules for GM crops? It is pretty clear already that the health grounds for opposing GM crops are non-existent, and the so-called environmental ones are largely spurious as well (and could in many regards equally apply to non-GM crops).

Of course the real reason the EU ruling elite oppose GM crops, and have created a climate of anti-GM hysteria, is that the EU ruling elite are anti-corporate, in particular anti-US-corporate. Unfortunately, their anti-scientific babble to try and justify this mirrors the anti-scientific babble of the American right-wing nutters on other matters. Societies that turn their back on science for ideological reasons are societies that are heading downhill.

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