Azara Blog: Middle class control freaks try to stop Sainsbury's on Mill Road

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Date published: 2011/07/11

The Cambridge News says:

More than 4,000 people have signed a petition opposing a new Sainsbury's store in Mill Road, Cambridge.

The chain says that other traders would not suffer if it took over the current Mickey Flynn's pool hall, arguing Tesco did not have an adverse impact when it arrived on the street in August 2009.

But some residents fear for the neighbourhood's independent shops and cosmopolitan character and have been adding their names to the petition.

Beverley Carpenter, co-ordinator of the Mill Road Society, said the Tesco store did have a negative effect on the area.

She said: "If we don't protect Mill Road it will become a clone town like the rest of Cambridge."
But Ms Carpenter said the location "couldn't really be worse" and raised concerns about the safety of cyclists coming over the railway bridge.

The opponents of Sainsbury's are the usual academic middle class suspects, who unfortunately dominate Cambridge, and so get their way far too often. Ironically, these people are super-educated (possibly over-educated) and yet it is they who are least capable of coping with change. They cannot even cope with life in the 20th century, never mind the 21st, as is exemplified by their blanket hatred of supermarkets.

Their arguments against Sainsbury's are totally vacuous. For example, whenever anyone wants to oppose any development anywhere in Cambridge, they trot out the pathetic emotional blackmail about the "safety of cyclists" (and/or children). There is no reason for this development to have any noticeable impact on safety.

If the independent shops are allegedly so great (and many are not) then they would have no problem competing with Sainsbury's. If the people of Mill Road boycott Sainsbury's then the store will fail. But rather than let ordinary people decide, the academic middle class control freaks think that they should be able to determine where ordinary people are allowed to shop.

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