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Date published: 2012/01/02

The Cambridge News says:

Britain's richest man has been urged to boot out Cambridge United's plans for a new stadium.

Rural campaigner Robin Page, chairman of the Countryside Restoration Trust, claims the scheme at Trumpington Meadows is "environmental vandalism."

He wants the Duke of Westminster, figurehead of the company behind it, Grosvenor Developments, to step in and block the proposal.

Former TV presenter Mr Page told the News: "The intended development of a football stadium and 400 new houses is an absolute disgrace. Grosvenor Developments made it quite clear on their original planning application that there would be no further development on the site and there would be a properly maintained green buffer.

"Apparently going back on their word is outrageous, and makes a mockery of the whole planning system.

"I am a long-time supporter of Cambridge United and wish them well - but this site for their new stadium? It is not only unacceptable, it is environmental vandalism of the highest order.

"It will be planned gridlock - Grantchester will become a football rat-run and the lights will intrude on an important part of the Cam Valley and on Grantchester village itself. It is a plan dreamed up in my view by environmental and social Philistines - if it was not so absurd and threatening it would be a joke."

Page is a ridiculous figure, and his rant here shows why. Cambridge United wants to move away from their current stadium, and anywhere they move to will create a certain amount of problems, because that is the nature of sports events. But to describe the (latest) proposal as "environmental vandalism" is so stupid it is hard to believe that anyone could say it with a straight face.

The Trumpington Meadows site is as good as any, because the M11 provides a good motorway link. Most people going to the site would come either on the M11 or from Cambridge city centre. Hardly anyone would come through Grantchester, and the stadium would cause far fewer traffic problems for Grantchester than does The Orchard.

The current proposal for a "green buffer" between the Trumpington Meadows housing and the M11 makes no sense. Any buffer that should exist should be created on the other side of the M11.

An alternative site for the stadium would be between Newnham and the M11, but of course the NIMBYs of Newnham run Cambridge, and so they have far more sway than even the NIMBYs of Trumpington.

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