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Date published: 2012/01/02

The Lib Dems love to continually push propaganda through the letter boxes of the households of Cambridge. If they were half as good at running the city as they were at delivering propaganda, the city would be in great shape.

Once again they have delivered something called the Cambridge Herald, cynically titled that way to make it sound like it is some kind of independent newspaper rather than just garden variety Lib Dem propaganda.

Funnily enough, Ed Miliband features on the front page, not Nick Clegg. But that is probably because the entire country hates Nick Clegg.

They were evidently struggling to find fodder material for the Herald, so in the centre fold we find what is apparently the first sentence of the Lib Dem constitution:

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

The Cambridge MP, Julian Huppert, apparently believes this is "beautiful - almost poetic". But he is a (sort of) scientist, and evidently has little idea about poetry. And that sentence is completely vacuous and could be written by pretty much any political party in Britain.

On the back page of the Herald are two key stories. The first is on the proposed 20 mph speed limit for Cambridge. The Lib Dems ran some kind of "survey" and the story says that 69% of the respondents wanted a 20 mph limit across the entire city. Well, this just goes to show how biased the survey sample was, no doubt being dominated by the usual academic middle class suspects including the cycling lobby.

The Lib Dems now promise to waste more money getting the city council to run its own survey. These surveys are all flawed, because the respondents are biased towards the middle class (i.e. the rich). And the cycling lobby in particular is very good at stuffing the ballot box (so to speak), as they have shown in the past (e.g. on the Gilbert Road cycle lane consultation).

The Lib Dems hint in the Herald story that perhaps they will not support a city wide 20 mph limit. It doesn't make sense to have such a limit on the main roads, and the fact that over two thirds of respondents to their survey thought it did shows how out of touch these respondents are. The Lib Dems are the most cynical of the large political parties in the UK, so it's quite possible that they suggested a city wide 20 mph limit as part of a cynical ploy to then look less extremist when they opted not to include the main roads in the eventual proposal. Who knows.

The second story of interest on the last page of the Herald is that the Lib Dems are getting the city to spy on its citizens, via some organisation called Heatseekers. They will drive around the city creating thermal images of houses, which they will then post to the home owner to try and scare them into insulating their houses more (or whatever). It is just one small step from this to forcing house owners to do what the Lib Dems think they should do, as far as home insulation is concerned (and who knows what else). Yes, the Lib Dems are not very liberal. They are just typical middle class control freaks.

There is not one sentence in the entire Herald about making Cambridge attractive for companies to do business here. It's almost like they don't realise that there is a recession on. But the Lib Dems represent the academic middle class, who largely haven't noticed the recession yet. In any case, the Lib Dems have no clue about business, and the city survives in spite of the Lib Dems, not because of them.

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