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Date published: 2012/01/10

The BBC says:

There is a "strong case" for allowing assisted suicide for people who are terminally ill in England and Wales, a group of experts says.

The Commission on Assisted Dying - set up and funded by campaigners who want to see a change in the law - said the current system was "inadequate".

It said it was possible to allow assisted dying within a strict set of rules to ensure it was not abused.
The group said that assisted suicide should be allowed if a person was over 18, terminally ill and judged as having less than 12 months to live, making a voluntary choice and not impaired mentally.

Before it should be allowed, the person would also need to be independently assessed by two doctors, the report said.

It also suggested that the individual would have to take the medicine themselves as euthanasia - where another person administers the substance - should not be allowed.

And it said end-of-life care needed to be improved to ensure people were not pushed into the decision because of inadequate access to care.

This represents one small step forward, but of course the usual control freaks who think they should be able to force all people to die a miserable death, brought up their usual stale talking points, and it is unlikely that anything will be done on this front for years if not decades.

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