Azara Blog: Over a thousand student rooms in cb1

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Date published: 2012/01/10

The Cambridge News says:

The redevelopment of Cambridge's station area has taken another leap forward with the submission of plans for 232 more student rooms.

The accommodation will be provided in two five-storey blocks, one of which would front on to Hills Road, next to the Earl of Derby pub, and another between the guided busway and the railway line.

Ultimately 1,250 student units will be provided as part of the £850 million project, known as cb1, and construction of 511 bedrooms for Anglia Ruskin University is already under way.

In the latest phase Anglia Ruskin students will get priority but, contrary to neighbours' expectations, the units will not be tied to a single institution and Cambridge University scholars would also be welcome.

The railway station area is one of the most expensive in the city, thanks to London commuters. Students do not need to live near major inter-city transport hubs. It is terrible civic planning that the city is encouraging developers to put up student accommodation near the Cambridge railway station.

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