Azara Blog: Zealots argue for yet more taxes on drivers

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Date published: 2012/02/07

The Cambridge News says:

Workplace car parking spaces should be taxed across Cambridgeshire to cut congestion on the A14, travel experts said today.

The Campaign for Better Transport said workers or employers should be made to pay for bays to discourage driving, encourage use of public transport and car sharing, and to raise revenue.

The organisation said the charge, known as a workplace parking levy, should apply not just in Cambridge, because this might push firms out of town, but across the region.

Arguing traffic reduction was the key to solving A14 gridlock, instead of a new toll road, the campaign called for £4 million annually to be pumped into better bus services, and for a new park and ride site serving the guided busway to be built at Brampton racecourse.

The so-called Campaign for Better Transport might as well be called the Campaign for Worse Transport. Their whole purpose in life seems to be to screw car drivers and to force taxpayers to throw yet more subsidy at their favoured pet transport methods, in particular buses and trains. They are evidently blithely unaware that these massive subsidies (which they want to increase) just encourage people to live further and further from their workplace. Indeed, one of the main reasons that Cambridge has such high house prices is that London commuters do not pay for the full cost of their journeys to and from work, and so far more London commuters live in Cambridge than otherwise would.

They are at least partially correct that just taxing parking in Cambridge itself would cause some firms to move out of town. But it is in effect just one more tax that most firms would have to pay to do business here, and so probably most of them would try and absorb the cost and stay put. (Although it is in theory a tax on the workers, it is in practise a tax on businesses because they will have to compensate their workers, or at least those who drive, with higher salaries.) But this tax would definitely make Cambridge(shire) a less attractive place to do business in future, compared with elsewhere.

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