Azara Blog: Another fatuous Mill Road consultation

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Date published: 2012/02/07

The Cambridge News says:

Seventy per cent of residents and businesses oppose the creation of a loading bay in front of a proposed Sainsbury's in Mill Road, Cambridge.

Of 127 responses to a survey over the future of city council-owned land in front of what is currently Mickey Flynn's pool hall, 89 were against its use for deliveries, the authority said today.

A spokesman said: "The executive councillor for arts, sport and public places, Cllr Rod Cantrill, will make an informed decision with regard to the approach made by Sainsbury's after careful consideration of the responses to the consultation process."

This is just the latest fatuous consultation carried out by the city council. They received a whole 127 responses, some of which are from businesses with a vested interest in the outcome. That means less than 1% of the people who live in the area responded.

It is well known that the academic middle class people who dominate Cambridge, and even the Mill Road area, hate supermarkets, and so would complain about anything that Sainsbury's (or Tesco's) would want to do.

And yet they only managed to tally up a whole 89 responses against the proposal. Perhaps the academic middle class are tired out from their anti-Tesco-on-Mill-Road vitriol.

In any case, there is no reason to believe that these responses are in any way representative of public opinion, in spite of the misleading first paragraph in the Cambridge News article.

But presumably Mr Cantrill will be happy to pretend that the responses are representative, in the usual way, in order to provide political cover for his decision.

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