Azara Blog: UK universities forced to increase social engineering

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Date published: 2012/02/07

The BBC says:

Universities that fail to recruit more students from poor backgrounds should be heavily fined, the man ear-marked as the head of fair access has said.

Prof Les Ebdon, the government's preferred candidate for Director of Fair Access, told MPs he was prepared to "press the nuclear button".

This means stripping universities of their right to charge top fees of up to £9,000 from 2012.

Those charging more than £6,000 have to sign an agreement with the watchdog.

At a pre-appointment hearing, Prof Ebdon told the House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee that refusing to sign a university's access agreement was a "significant sanction" and one that he was prepared to use if necessary.

It is unfortunate how much social engineering UK governments (Labour and Tory) have foisted and are continuing to foist onto UK universities. UK universities really should just inform the world that the children (and grandchildren, etc.) of all MPs, and certainly of Ebdon, should point blank be refused entry into any of the top UK universities, because, after all, they are the children of privilege, and we need to have "fair" access.

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