Azara Blog: Lib Dems do badly in Cambridge local election

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Date published: 2012/05/06

The Cambridge News says:

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert will keep calm and carry on after the Lib Dems lost control of the city council. Mr Huppert was "disappointed" fellow Lib Dems lost out to Labour.

He told the News: "There is no denying that these election results were disappointing and we lost some extremely hard working and talented councillors. I pay tribute to the work done over many years by Amanda Taylor, Neil McGovern and Salah Al Bander.

"But historically parties in power always do badly in local elections midway through their term in power and this election was no exception.

"However, we will continue to control the council with the mayor's casting vote, and so will be able to continue our work to improve Cambridge.

"We have a strong record in Cambridge which was recognised recently by the Centre for Cities report which put Cambridge among the top cities in the UK to lead the country out of recession. That has been achieved by strong leadership and robust policies on the ground."

As Huppert points out, the Lib Dems have not really lost power in Cambridge. That might happen next year, though.

Unfortunately, Huppert then loses the plot. Cambridge might be "among the top cities in the UK to lead the country out of recession" but that has nothing to do with the Lib Dems who run Cambridge. Cambridge is successful in spite of the Lib Dems (and the other politicians), not because of them. The Lib Dems in particular have not brought one job to Cambridge, and they seem to have no interest in attracting companies to move here.

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