Azara Blog: November 2009 archive summary

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  1. The Lib Dems come up with yet another property tax proposal (30 November 2009)
  2. The Swiss hate Islam (30 November 2009)
  3. Zac Goldsmith has non-domiciled tax status (30 November 2009)
  4. Tories think that people should be rewarded for recycling waste (25 November 2009)
  5. The UK will allegedly plant a lot more trees (25 November 2009)
  6. Tony Juniper wants to be MP for Cambridge (15 November 2009)
  7. The world would allegedly be trillions better off if only humans got lost (15 November 2009)
  8. UK whacks up Air Passenger Duty (15 November 2009)
  9. The Eurocracy half agrees to throw billions of Euros out the window (15 November 2009)

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