Azara Blog: December 2010 archive summary

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  1. Tory government wants to waste even more money on petitions (28 December 2010)
  2. Surprise, rich kids are more likely to have a computer at home than poor kids (28 December 2010)
  3. Cambridge city council wants to cut down the only oak tree on Midsummer Common (28 December 2010)
  4. Non-native species are allegedly a threat (15 December 2010)
  5. Children are allegedly affected by smoke in blocks of flats (13 December 2010)
  6. University wastes more money on showing it allegedly cares (07 December 2010)
  7. Tory government has crazy ideas for the planning system (07 December 2010)
  8. Leading Christians cry wolf (01 December 2010)
  9. Women are allegedly not worried enough about heart disease (01 December 2010)

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