Cambridge 2000: Clarkson Road: Laslett house, 3

Description: Clarkson Road: Laslett house, 3
Date built: 1957-1959
Architect: Trevor Dannatt
Clarkson Road: Laslett house, 3 (Trevor Dannatt) map for Clarkson Road: Laslett house, 3
Date photograph taken: 01 Jan 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

This is considered by many people to be one of the best houses of its era in the city. As with many houses, the surrounding garden helps. This is the view from the back.

The Lasletts, the original owners, still lived in the house in 2000, but Peter Laslett died in 2001. His wife, Janet, died in 2012.

The house was sold in 2012 for 1.56m pounds (around 1.9m Euros).

In 2013-2014, an annex, separate from the main house, was built. The initial architect was Dannett, Johnson Architects, the successor firm of the original architect, and the project was completed by Cambridge Architectural Research. The annex was located to the east of the main house (to the right in the photo).

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