Cambridge 2000: Trafalgar Road: Boathouse Court

Description: Trafalgar Road: Boathouse Court
Date built: c1989
Architect: Design Group Cambridge
Trafalgar Road: Boathouse Court (Design Group Cambridge) map for Trafalgar Road: Boathouse Court
Date photograph taken: 26 Feb 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

This is a good use of a small piece of land. There are seven townhouses in the development, the houses would be even better if there were only three and they were detached, although some of the beauty comes about because they are attached one to the next. As can be seen, there is not much garden but because the building is on the river and not that far from the centre of Cambridge these houses in 2000 would have sold for 300000 pounds (500000 Euros) and more. Many of the colleges have boathouses nearby, hence the name of the development.

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