Cambridge 2000: Sidney Street: Lloyds TSB Bank

Description: Sidney Street: Lloyds TSB Bank
Date built: 1890-1893
Architect: Alfred Waterhouse
Sidney Street: Lloyds TSB Bank (Alfred Waterhouse) map for Sidney Street: Lloyds TSB Bank
Date photograph taken: 19 Mar 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

This is an unusual building for Cambridge, spoiled from one direction to some extent by a neo-Tudor extension. However it is the interior which is really worth noting, it is one of the best in all of Cambridge outside the university, being equisitely tiled in a faintly Romanesque style.

Originally the building was part of Fosters' Bank, whose name still appears over the doorway. One of the founders of that bank, Richard Foster, owned a house, Brooklands, on Brooklands Avenue, and the other founder, his brother Ebenezer Foster, owned Anstey Hall in Trumpington.

The Fosters also owned several mills, including one next to the railway station.

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