Cambridge 2000: Histon Road: 312

Description: Histon Road: 312
Date built: 1860s
Histon Road: 312 map for Histon Road: 312
Date photograph taken: 25 Mar 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

This is one of the oldest buildings at the northern end of Histon Road, and also perhaps the grandest in the area. In peculiarly English style it was built without any south-facing windows (south is to the right in the photo), but now at least has a conservatory on the south side.

The house was built for Ebenezer Tredgett and his wife, Sarah Careless. At the time it was called Providence Villa. The Tredgetts had a dozen children (one who died in infancy), and they owned another house and a garden nursery on the other side of Histon Road, and a shop in Market Hill.

In 1885 Ebenezer ran away to New Zealand with one of his shop assistants, Maude Mary Constable, and he changed his name to Edward Turner. They had one daughter (who died in infancy) and then nine sons.

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