Cambridge 2000: Histon Road: Johns of Cambridge, 297-299

Description: Histon Road: Johns of Cambridge, 297-299
Date built: 1860s
Histon Road: Johns of Cambridge, 297-299 map for Histon Road: Johns of Cambridge, 297-299
Date photograph taken: 26 Mar 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

This is one of the oldest buildings at the northern end of Histon Road, it lies down a private drive leading off the main road. In 2000 it was a showroom for a home furnishing store, Johns of Cambridge. Before that it was for many years a laundry, Scotsdale Laundry, some of whose remains were still nearby.

The nearby land was used as a garden nursery for many years.

The nursery already existed in the 1860s and at the time was owned by Ebenezer Tredgett and called Ainger Nurseries. It included the plot of land just to the north, but around the turn of the century that became the Clive Vale Nursery. It also included land on the east side of Histon Road where are now found the gardens of the houses on the south side of Roseford Road.

The house here was built for Tredgett, and at the time it was called Ainger Cottage. He ran off to New Zealand in 1885 with his mistress and at some point after that his wife moved into this house.

Johns vacated the property in 2007, and then it was occupied by a charity and another furnishings store. It then became vacant, with the entire site waiting for re-development into housing.

On the night of 17 September 2019, a fire largely destroyed the building. The remains of the building were demolished in June 2020.

In 2021-2022 the entire site, including the land for the Cambridge Squash Club, was re-developed with 27 houses.

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