Cambridge 2000: Pembroke College: Trumpington Street: chapel

Description: Pembroke College: Trumpington Street: chapel: west façade
Date built: 1663-1665
Architect: Christopher Wren
Pembroke College: Trumpington Street: chapel (Christopher Wren) map for Pembroke College: Trumpington Street: chapel
Date photograph taken: 06 Apr 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

Pembroke Chapel was the first building by Christopher Wren. At the time he was a scientist rather than an architect but fortunately became interested in building. His uncle, Matthew Wren, former Master of Peterhouse and Bishop of Ely, paid for the construction and is buried in the chapel. Another architect (and sculptor and carver), Edward Pearce, worked with Wren on the chapel.

The chapel was extended on the other side (to the east) by George Gilbert Scott the younger in 1879-1881.

The cupola of the chapel sits in perfect harmony on top of the building.

Wren's most famous building in Cambridge is the Wren Library at Trinity, but this chapel, and the one at Emmanuel, are if anything more elegant buildings.

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