Cambridge 2000: Hills Road: Highsett

Description: Hills Road: Highsett
Date built: 1958-1960
Architect: Eric Lyons and Partners
Hills Road: Highsett (Eric Lyons and Partners) map for Hills Road: Highsett
Date photograph taken: 07 Apr 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

This was the first phase of the development of the site, with the other two phases being in 1963 and 1965 and located at the back of the plot. For the second phase, the architect was originally going to put up a 15 floor building (taller than any other residential development in Cambridge, even now) but the planning application was turned down.

This was a Span development. Phase 1 consisted of 37 flats of type ABC (in the Lyons lexicon), phase 2 consisted of 17 houses of type T7 and T8, and phase 3 (officially on Tenison Avenue rather than Hills Road) consisted of 31 houses of type R22.

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