Cambridge 2000: Sedley Taylor Road: 22

Description: Sedley Taylor Road: 22
Date built: 1936
Architect: S.E. Urwin
Sedley Taylor Road: 22 (S.E. Urwin) map for Sedley Taylor Road: 22
Date photograph taken: 07 Apr 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

The house was designed by the architect for himself, and was reputed to be a very cold house. One reason was that it originally had a flat roof, which the owner at the date of the photo had changed to a pitched roof. Another reason is that the house is made from concrete bricks, also used at Urwin's nearby Long Road Sixth Form College.

In 2004 the house was extensively refurbished by AC Architects Cambridge, including modifications that changed how it looks from the street: an extension over the garage, changing the porch to a more modern look, changing the windows and adding another window on the first floor.

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