Cambridge 2000: Histon Road: 335-337

Description: Histon Road: 335-337
Date built: 1866
Histon Road: 335-337 map for Histon Road: 335-337
Date photograph taken: 23 Apr 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

One of the earliest buildings in what is now the northern part of Histon Road was a pair of cottages. Later these cottages were converted into one house, with bay windows added, and another house was added to the side. It is a peculiarly English habit to build houses attached to each other even in the middle of countryside. In the late 1990s an extension was added onto the first house, with the central doorway removed, and a circular window put in its place. Extensions are very common in Cambridge because most of its housing is woefully small.

The first house also has an Ordnance Survey mark on its outside indicating 50 feet above sea level.

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