Cambridge 2000: Station Road: railway station

Description: Station Road: railway station
Date built: 1845
Architect: Sancton Wood
Station Road: railway station (Sancton Wood) map for Station Road: railway station
Date photograph taken: 07 May 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

The university wanted the train station located far from the university, so it was inconveniently placed miles away, and the city has naturally grown up around it. Prices for houses near the station are high because many people commute to London to work.

Francis Thompson is sometimes stated to be the architect, rather than Sancton Wood.

Extensions to the north and south of the original building were added in 1863.

The entire area around the railway station was re-developed as part of the so-called CB1 scheme. This included residential and commercial buildings.

After five years of pointless wrangling, the scheme was given outline planning permission in October 2008.

The first residential building was opened in 2012 and the first commercial building shortly afterwards.

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