Cambridge 2000: Castle Street: Methodist Church, 19

Description: Castle Street: Methodist Church, 19
Date built: 1914
Architect: A.F. Scott
Castle Street: Methodist Church, 19 (A.F. Scott) map for Castle Street: Methodist Church, 19
Date photograph taken: 29 May 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

To the left is a hall, to the right the main church. The buildings look good but do not stand out as one travels up Castle Street.

In October 2003 a planning application was made to demolish these two buildings and replace them with a new church. Around the same time, in order to prevent the demolition, someone asked for the buildings to be (Grade II) listed, and they were, so in 2004 it was decided instead to refurbish the buildings.

The refurbishment was carried out in 2010, with Freeland Rees Roberts the architect in charge. Both entrances leading directly onto Castle Street were blocked, the one on the right with a glass window. The main entrance was then situated behind a new glass screen in the area between the two buildings. A spiral staircase was also added.

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