Cambridge 2000: Fitzroy Street: Grafton Centre

Description: Fitzroy Street: Grafton Centre
Date built: 1981-1984
Architect: Fitzroy Robinson
Fitzroy Street: Grafton Centre (Fitzroy Robinson) map for Fitzroy Street: Grafton Centre
Date photograph taken: 27 Jul 2000 (Alternative map: Google map)

This is the usual entrance to the Grafton Centre shopping centre for pedestrians coming from the city centre, and its small size belies the large complex hiding behind.

These kinds of shopping centres are largely the same all over the world, and although popular, lack character.

The restaurant at the right, Footlights, closed down in 2009. This was the location of the Eden Baptist Chapel (1874), which was demolished, with the congregation relocating to the other end of Fitzroy Street, when the Grafton Centre was built.

In 2017, as part of a more general makeover, the glass façade was replaced by a larger, less ornate, one.

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