Cambridge 2000: Lynfield Lane: Meadowcroft

Description: Lynfield Lane: Meadowcroft
Date built: 2002-2003
Architect: Proctor and Matthews
Lynfield Lane: Meadowcroft (Proctor and Matthews) map for Lynfield Lane: Meadowcroft
Date photograph taken: 07 Apr 2003 (Alternative map: Google map)

To make way for this new block of flats a large Edwardian house was destroyed, in the face of local opposition. At least this is a fine replacement, with some thought to style, which is rarely seen in Cambridge residential buildings.

Lots of wood and glass. Brick walls built with an unusual non-overlapping (stack bonded) layout (as seen in the garden wall but also occurring elsewhere). Gabions filled with rubble and stone (as just seen at the left at the bottom) as an architectural feature. Alternating (and unusual) red and dark brown tile bricks.

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