Cambridge 2000: Burleigh Street: Robert Sayle

Description: Burleigh Street: Robert Sayle
Date built: 2003-2004
Architect: Barber Casanovas Ruffles
Burleigh Street: Robert Sayle (Barber Casanovas Ruffles) map for Burleigh Street: Robert Sayle
Date photograph taken: 29 Sep 2004 (Alternative map: Google map)

This replaced the charismatic former Cooperative Society building. A reminder of this are the four large carved stones located approximately in the same spot as previously, and just visible above the entrance in the photograph.

In September 2004, Robert Sayle became the first, temporary, occupant of the new building, in order that its original site could be re-developed. They were renamed to John Lewis, the parent company.

In November 2007, they moved back to their new, permanent, site.

The building here was to be re-developed as a mixture of stores and flats, but in October 2008 Primark was given planning permission to take over the entire building as a retail store. Primark opened their store on 6 November 2009.

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