Cambridge 2000: Brooklands Avenue: nuclear bunker

Description: Brooklands Avenue: nuclear bunker
Date built: 1950s-1960s
Brooklands Avenue: nuclear bunker map for Brooklands Avenue: nuclear bunker
Date photograph taken: 03 Jun 2006 (Alternative map: Google map)

This is located at the southwest corner of the old government office site. It is totally brutalist, in keeping with much of the architecture of the time. Here this style at least had an excuse, given the function of the building.

The bunker was built in two phases, the first in 1953 and the building in the photo in 1964. The first phase was built for the Civil Defence Corps as a headquarters for the eastern region in the event of a war. The second phase was built to provide some protection against nuclear fall-out. The bunker was used during the first Gulf War in 1992 as a communications centre.

The bunker was supposed to be demolished as part of the re-development of the site, but English Heritage listed it in 2003. Planning permission was subsequently given to use it as a document store.

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