Cambridge 2000: Moreland Terrace: 5-6

Description: Moreland Terrace: 5-6
Date built: 2004-2006
Architect: Alison Brooks
Moreland Terrace: 5-6 (Alison Brooks) map for Moreland Terrace: 5-6
Date photograph taken: 20 Dec 2006 (Alternative map: Google map)

One of a pair of semi-detached townhouses (part of the Accordia development off of Brooklands Avenue). Although rather modest from the front, these are fairly big and consist of two buildings with a small courtyard in between. The best of the architecture is largely hidden from view, although the copper roof can be seen from behind.

The Accordia development (as a whole) was awarded the RIBA Stirling prize for 2008 (this is the top annual UK architecture prize).

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