Cambridge 2000: Barton Road: 89

Description: Barton Road: 89
Date built: 1974-1975
Architect: Austin-Smith:Lord
Barton Road: 89 (Austin-Smith:Lord) map for Barton Road: 89
Date photograph taken: 23 Jan 2008 (Alternative map: Google map)

This is fairly anonymous looking at the front. There is a garage at the right and a courtyard at the left, leading to the main entrance to the house. There is another, smaller, more private, courtyard behind the garage. The house was built for Reuben Heffer, chairman of Heffer's. (The same firm of architects had a few years previously redesigned the flagship Heffer store on Trinity Street.) The property is one of the select few which backs onto the Newnham lake, known as Bolton’s Pit Lake.

The house was demolished at the end of November 2013, to be replaced with a large, more conventional, house designed by DPA Architects.

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