Cambridge 2000: Trumpington Road: 16

Description: Trumpington Road: 16
Date built: 2007-2008
Architect: Biscoe + Stanton
Trumpington Road: 16 (Biscoe + Stanton) map for Trumpington Road: 16
Date photograph taken: 07 Mar 2008 (Alternative map: Google map)

This large block, with 19 apartments, replaces a Victorian villa which had been a hotel in 2000 and was demolished in 2006. The footprint of the new building is similar to the original one, and so there is still a reasonable garden to the rear.

These Victorian villas are being demolished because of the economics of the situation. The asking price for the property in 2005 (so excluding the cost of the demolition) was around 2 million pounds (so then around 3 million Euros) and the total asking price for the apartments in 2008 was around 12 million pounds (so then around 16 million Euros).

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