Cambridge 2000: Cam: Riverside Bridge

Description: Cam: Riverside Bridge
Date built: 2007-2008
Engineer: Ramboll Whitbybird
Cam: Riverside Bridge (Ramboll Whitbybird) map for Cam: Riverside Bridge
Date photograph taken: 09 Jun 2008 (Alternative map: Google map)

The view southwest from the southeast side of the first new (rather than replacement) bridge over the Cam in Cambridge since the Elizabeth Way Bridge opened in 1971. That was a combined vehicle, pedestrian and cycle bridge whereas this is a pedestrian and cycle bridge, in keeping with the current prevelant anti-car mentality of the city authorities. Indeed, as can be seen in the photo, the bridge lands on this side of the river smack in the middle of a road (Riverside), which thus had to be closed to through traffic at this spot. The entrance on this side is a long ramp with a relatively shallow gradient. The ramp on the other side is even longer.

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