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Description: Hauxton Road: border of: Trumpington Meadows site
Hauxton Road: border of map for Hauxton Road: border of
Date photograph taken: 23 Jun 2010 (Alternative map: Google map)

The Plant Breeding Institute (PBI, founded in 1912) occupied much of this land from the 1950s. The Conservative government privatised the organisation in the late 1980s, selling it to Unilever. In 1998 Monsanto bought the site. The Labour government, at the behest of certain middle class people, decided that GM crops were not going to be able to be grown in the UK. At the same time the government allowed house prices to explode, both due to lack of supply and to cheap credit. As a result of all of this, Monsanto decided to sell up and the site became a candidate for housing. It then became known as Trumpington Meadows.

As with many such sites being developed at the fringe of Cambridge, much of Trumpington Meadows lies in South Cambridgeshire rather than the city of Cambridge. In 2006-2007 an application for the development was submitted to both councils. Planning permission was granted in 2009. There will be around 1200 homes on the approximately 150 hectare site.

The photo shows the pre-development view looking north from the junction of Hauxton Road with the M11. At the right can be seen a line of shrubs that hide the Trumpington Park and Ride site, which was opened in November 2001. Behind that can be seen the John Lewis warehouse. Instead of putting a large parking lot and warehouse in the middle of a field it would have been a better use of land to build an entire shopping complex, including a John Lewis store, on the same footprint, with a multi-storey car garage. As it stands, the Park and Ride site is a serious blight for the Trumpington Meadows development, being a large area of asphalt with no facilities.

To the left of the John Lewis warehouse in the photo is St Mary and St Michael Church.

The Trumpington Meadows masterplan was designed by the firm of Terence O'Rourke. The housing will wrap around the Park and Ride. There will be a large "green" buffer to the M11. Instead there could have been a science / technology business park bordering the motorway, similar to how the Trinity College Science Park borders the A14.

The first homes on the site were occupied in August 2012.

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