Cambridge 2000: Addenbrooke's Road

Description: Addenbrooke's Road
Date built: 2007-2010
Addenbrooke's Road map for Addenbrooke's Road
Date photograph taken: 30 Oct 2010 (Alternative map: Google map)

This road starts on Hauxton Road near the M11 and then crosses Shelford Road in Trumpington and then continues on towards the Addenbrooke's Hospital site (the Cambridge Bio-Medical Campus), which is the section seen here. It is mostly on greenbelt.

The bridge in the distance crosses the Cambridge to London railway line. The white building in the background is the Addenbrooke's Hospital Treament Centre. (There is a train in front of it.) The black building to its left is the Cancer Research UK Li Ka Shing Centre.

This road is a good example of the poor transport planning that plagues England. This could have been the first non-access road added in Cambridge for over thirty years, providing part of an eastern link between the M11 and the A14. Instead the road is restricted to traffic that is heading to the Addenbrooke's site. The road is not even direct but has two near 90 degree turns at roundabouts. All in all, it is not surprising that on the whole this road is very quiet, and it will remain that way until the Clay Farm site is developed.

As can be seen in the photo, for some reason one side of the road has one cycle lane off the road (the red asphalt) and another one on the road. Not only does this happen on only one side of the road, but even on that side it is only the case for about half the length of the road, so apparently there was money to waste but not enough money to waste to do the job properly.

The road was officially opened on 27 October 2010, a year late, although most of it was done by 2009, and it even needed some maintenance before the road opened.

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