Cambridge 2000: Chaucer Road: Vicarsbrook, 14A

Description: Chaucer Road: Vicarsbrook, 14A
Date built: 2006-2011
Architect: Donald Insall Associates
Chaucer Road: Vicarsbrook, 14A (Donald Insall Associates) map for Chaucer Road: Vicarsbrook, 14A
Date photograph taken: 04 Jul 2011 (Alternative map: Google map)

This is perhaps the most expensive house ever built in Cambridge, and quite possibly it also took the longest to finish, although the basic structure was ready after a year or two.

There was an existing 1950s house, split into two dwellings, that was demolished to make way for this new house. Most of Chaucer Road is late Victorian or Edwardian, and so, although this mock Georgian house looks nice enough, it is an odd style to choose to insert into the road.

It is unfortunate that the plot was too narrow to allow proper space for the two coach houses at the front (one almost hidden behind the tree at the left), and as a result they detract somewhat from the view of the house.

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