Cambridge 2000: Orchard Street: 16

Description: Orchard Street: 16
Date built: c1825; 2010-2011
Architect: Charles Humfrey; Freeland Rees Roberts
Orchard Street: 16 (Charles Humfrey, Freeland Rees Roberts) map for Orchard Street: 16
Date photograph taken: 01 Jan 2012 (Alternative map: Google map)

The original building, on the right, was once part of the Orchard Street terrace, but was isolated from the latter when Clarendon Street was extended in the 19th century. The terrace was built by Humfrey for his workers. The isolation from the rest meant that number 16 had already in the past been allowed to be extended upwards and sidewards, whereas the remaining terrace remains largely unchanged on the street side.

The main exterior focus of the new extension, on the left, is the Siberian larch cladding on the upper storey, which is a nice contrast to the dull grey brick prevalent in the area.

The garden wall only existed at the back, not the side. What was there was rebuilt because part of it needed to be a cavity wall for the single storey part of the extension (which cannot be seen), and rebuilding it was the best way to make the entire wall look uniform.

Around half of the garden was built on for the extension.

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