Cambridge 2000: Orchard Street: 3-13

Description: Orchard Street: 3-13
Date built: c1825
Architect: Charles Humfrey
Orchard Street: 3-13 (Charles Humfrey) map for Orchard Street: 3-13
Date photograph taken: 13 May 2012 (Alternative map: Google map)

Orchard Street was built by Charles Humfrey for workers and so the cottages are small. The row originally had numbers 1 to 16 but in the middle of the 19th century numbers 14 and 15 were demolished to make way for Clarendon Street. Thus number 16 has been left in isolation and as a result has been able to be extended without ruining the composition. Meanwhile the rest of the terrace has remained largely unmodified, at least at the front. The curve of the road helps make the setting more pleasant.

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