Cambridge 2000: Station Place: Crick House

Description: Station Place: Crick House
Date built: 2011-2012
Architect: TP Bennett
Station Place: Crick House (TP Bennett) map for Station Place: Crick House
Date photograph taken: 06 May 2013 (Alternative map: Google map)

This was the first building finished as part of the CB1 development, and is located a stone's throw from the train station. Cambridge faces a difficult task with planning, since any housing anywhere near the train station is immediately swamped by London commuters, and so pretty much any such housing is useless for actually accommodating the workers of Cambridge. This large, anonymous, block got around that problem because it was built specifically for students of Anglia Ruskin University. Unfortunately in some sense this is an even worse use of the land, since there is no need for students to live near a major transport interchange.

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