Cambridge 2000: Kingsley Walk: Keynes House

Description: Kingsley Walk: Keynes House
Date built: 2010-2013
Kingsley Walk: Keynes House map for Kingsley Walk: Keynes House
Date photograph taken: 05 Jun 2013 (Alternative map: Google map)

This was the site for a campus of the Cambridge Regional College. When they amalgamated operations onto their King's Hedges Road site, this large Newmarket Road site was converted entirely to housing, some for students. The development was called Cambridge Riverside.

There are three buildings that jut out towards Midsummer Common, which are the most interesting parts of all the housing on the site. This one, Keynes House, was the first of the three to be finished. The second one, Marlowe House, is an identical copy of this one, and the third one, Darwin House, is slightly smaller, with a slightly different configuration for the flats.

For the flats with the beautiful balconies, the ones on the lower floors are two flats to a floor, but the space on the top floor belongs entirely to the flat that is on the floor below but on the opposite side of the building to that seen in the photo. Unfortunately that flat overlooks the busy Elizabeth Way, which is just visible at the left in the photo.

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