Cambridge 2000: East Road: Parkside Terrace

Description: East Road: Parkside Terrace
Date built: 2011-2013
Architect: Glenn Howells
East Road: Parkside Terrace (Glenn Howells) map for East Road: Parkside Terrace
Date photograph taken: 05 Jul 2013 (Alternative map: Google map)

The old Cambridge fire station had a large footprint and its redevelopment allowed most of that area to be converted into housing, with Grosvenor being the developer.

The tall tower, Parkside Terrace, is the prominent building in the development. It is curved along the East Road side, and tapered on Parkside, to fit in with the line of the pavement. This makes the interior space less useful on that side. The floor at the top is entirely one penthouse flat, and has good views, at the narrow end, over Parker's Piece, but unfortunately it is also right on top of one of the busiest junctions in the city, not to mention being located next to the fire station.

To the right, in the photo, is the less prominent Petersfield House. Behind that, away from the main road, is Chester House, and located over the new fire station, at the left in the photo, is Parkside House. There are 99 flats in total, of which 39 are "affordable". There is a small courtyard in between the blocks, and some car parking underneath.

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