Cambridge 2000: Spens Avenue: 9

Description: Spens Avenue: 9
Date built: 2012-2013
Architect: Once Architecture
Spens Avenue: 9 (Once Architecture) map for Spens Avenue: 9
Date photograph taken: 14 Apr 2014 (Alternative map: Google map)

This is one of four large houses which border the sports playing field (behind) and the Leckhampton site (at the eastern side, to the right in the photo) of Corpus Christi College, and built on land they owned.

It is good to see some houses of this size being built in the city, instead of the usual proliferation of flats and tiny houses. The garages at the front sit awkwardly and would have been better placed at the side, as once would have happened, but land in Cambridge is too expensive to allow that kind of design. As it is, each of the houses sold almost instantly for well over a million pounds.

These four houses are a rarity in Newnham, and likely were only allowed because a college was behind the development. This is the one area of the city which has escaped any extensive house building program, as the city expands, because the rich people who live there are good at finding excuses why all the new housing should be located in other areas of the city.

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