Cambridge 2000: Water Street: 90-98

Description: Water Street: 90-98
Date built: 2015-2017
Architect: DPA Architects
Water Street: 90-98 (DPA Architects) map for Water Street: 90-98
Date photograph taken: 26 Mar 2017 (Alternative map: Google map)

This was previously the site of the Pike and Eel pub. The arrival of the Cambridge North railway station meant that land prices were bound to climb steeply nearby, and the five houses built on the site are a reflection of that. Four of the houses are identical in layout, with the fifth, at the right in the photo, slightly different because of the plot shape. Each house was being sold for well over a million pounds.

In April 2017, before the houses were finished, some pseudo-Latin graffiti, apparently intended to say "local homes for local people", was painted on the other, street, side, indicating some local resentment at the coming influx of rich London commuters.

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